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Astonishing Arrogance
Douglas Hamilton


The article by Vaclav Havel, Arpad Goncz and Lech Walesa (18/09/03) on Cuba and the recent sentencing of 75 mercenaries is astonishing in its ignorance and arrogance. Are we really to believe that if when they were presidents in their respective countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, and the most senior diplomat of a major foreign nation had openly organised and funded groups of citizens to overthrow their governments, that they would have stood back and done nothing. Those they refer to as "dissidents" were proven to be working to destabilise and overthrow the Cuban government by illegal means. The trials had absolutely nothing to do with human rights but everything to do with the protection of Cuba's national sovereignty against external interference. These mercenaries were not imprisoned on the basis of "mock trials", but as a result of clear evidence being produced through internationally accepted legal channels. This evidence proved that they were working with the chief US diplomat in Cuba, James Cason, with the clear aim of destroying the Cuban Revolution.

The crime these mercenaries committed was not to criticise a so-called dictatorial regime, but to conspire with a foreign government to overthrow a democratically elected and populist state. To suggest otherwise is an utter distortion of fact and a perversion of the term human rights. Such is 'democracy' in the eyes of Havel, Goncz and Walesa.

Cuba has suffered intensely at the hands of the US for over 40 years. As a small country, which has managed against all the odds to pursue an alternative socialist path of development, Cuba should be fully supported by all those who oppose the increasing and aggressive US imperialist domination of the world.

The author is the Belfast Co-ordinator of Cuba Support Group - Ireland





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