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The Ever Hasty Jeffrey Donaldson

Anthony McIntyre • Irish News 4/7/2002


The ever hasty Jeffrey Donaldson in his eagerness to have David Trimble force Sinn Fein out of government remains ever tardy to actually move into a position where he could make a genuine charge at the issue himself. Donaldson's leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party is like what a 19th Century art critic once said of Berlin - always in the process of becoming but never in the state of being. A bit like Irish unity in that regard.

His comment this week underlining his oppsition to Sinn Fein in govenment stated that lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers. How does he intend to apply this logic in the wake of Panorama's strong case suggesting RUC involvement in the murder of Pat Finucane? Or is the gander not to sup its own sauce?



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