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America cannot reasonably be branded as a bully

Mike Bell
Irish News 30/01/2002


IN response to the letter from T Gorman of Belfast, I must respectfully disagree. As an American, I don't understand characterisation of my country as a bully. I do understand that, as the sole 'superpower' there are those who will criticise us no matter what we do.

The criticism often comes from people who just don't like us for our form of government, our lifestyle, our wealth and our politics. We are a free people... and we chose do defend that freedom.

Mr Gorman ignores the events of 9-11 (September 11 2001) when 3,000 people woke up to go to work with the reasonable expectation of coming home to their families that evening.

We all know what happened. Those held at GITMO are part of the group that orchestrated the attacks of 9-11.They receive three meals a day sensitive to the diet and foods they are accustomed to. They are allowed to worship (sans beards which were largely lice infested) their Allah, they receive medical attention and their living conditions are far better than the Tora Bora caves they were removed from.

Pardon the heck out of us if we take a little unilateral action to achieve justice for our dead. We provide 60 per cent of the food for Afghans in need; the rest comes from Europe and Japan. Hardly the actions of a bully.

We are merely seeking those responsible for the 9-11 attacks. What specifically has been done to the prisoners in Cuba that can be characterised as torture or inhumane treatment?

Mr Gorman either doesn't know, or he doesn't know he doesn't know. His view is clouded by anti-US prejudice that has nothing to do with current events. Perhaps he'd have preferred a post-war Europe under Nazi Germany; without the US he could have had it.

His viewpoints are not based on anything other than hate for my country and everything it stands for... facts be damned.

God bless America.





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