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Marty Egan • 23 August 2004

Mr Wallace is confused on the difference between the AOH in America and those who call themselves the AOH in Derry.

The AOH in America was started in 1836 in New York and Pennsylvania. It has no affiliation or connection with AOH in Ireland.

The National President, Ned McGinley oversees the largest Irish organization in the world including other countries, BUT, not Ireland. This is the reason, to answer Mr Wallace, that there is no interferance.

Just the opposite is true of AOH America than what Richard writes.

The Bush administration in collusion with the Blair administration is afraid of Irish American activism especially the AOH initiated [campaign regarding] the [proposed] UK/US extradition treaty.

The treaty protested and fought against by AOH and friends removes judicial review and protection from British lies and could extradite Americans for torture and prison.

The AOH hosted Malachy McAllister and so far prevented his deportation with help from various factions.

The AOH supports the children of Holy Cross school.

The AOH contributes to assorted Irish charities to protect and help the oppressed. The list is endless.

The mission of the AOH in America written in its Constitution is the Protection of the Roman Catholic Church and its clergy. The secondary mission is to do what it can to achieve the "peaceful" re-unification of Ireland. Many AOH divisions act independently to help their particular Irish causes, like hosting children or, as some have, sending cards to prisoners in Ireland.

Quite a few members of my division march in Derry every year to commerate Bloody Sunday. Many other AOH divisions are represented. All Mr. Wallace has to do is ask around at the end of January when they start arriving in Belfast.

Brits in a Derry AOH is an oxymoron, as to the mission of the AOH. Could infiltrators be possible? It's food for thought. What better organization to put spys and corrupters in. That is a job for those in Ireland to sweep their own streets. The AOH in America is alive and well still growing and living up to its mission. Erin Go Bragh.





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