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Barbara Green, Jim J. Kane


Former Ulster Unionist Minister Dermot Nesbitt accused the commission of human rights of "meddling" in affairs outside the remit at the expense of establishing a bill of human rights for North Ireland.

He stated the commission should instead undertake an investigation on what rights they have and how well they are covered.

Mr. Nesbitt also stated Mr. Dickson was unable to tell me what rights the people of Northern Ireland were actually being denied. I am sure that Mr. Nesbit doesn't need the commission to tell him that. Human rights can be explained in dictionaries that he can read for himself.

To quote just a few:

The Collegiate Dictionary:
Freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture and execution regarded as belonging fundamentally to all persons.

American Heritage Dictionary:
The basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled often held to include the right to life, liberty, freedom of thought and of expression and equality before the law.

Human rights is the right of every person has to justice and freedom.

I guess Mr. Nesbitt being of the unionist persuasion just sees this from their point of view and not from the Catholics, republicans and Nationalists who have endured life outside of these freedom of human rights.

I can't understand how a person can say the Human Rights Commission is "meddling" in affairs when every dog on the street, every cat in the ally knows that basic human rights have been denied "certain" people in the North of Ireland for years.

Mr. Nesbit also said "the lack of a bill of rights" showed the commission has failed to actually do the work it was required to do.

I take this to say that the lack of a bill of rights means that the people of North Ireland have no bill of rights or is it just a "select" few who have been denied these rights for countless years?

Barbara Green, Jim J. Kane
Free River Irish



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