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Good people acting together can defeat hatred little by little
Irish News Letters Page, 28.11.01

WEST Belfast is accurately described by Liam O Ruairc (November 26)... an atmosphere of lawlessness with lack of respect for people and property.

In seeking improvement Liam is close to the only possible solution – that the people who live there must stand up and act for themselves.

Raul Plus, writing a century ago, said: “One of the qualities most needed at the present day is concerted action. Has fate decreed that the wicked will always be as one in their brutal hatred, while good people never learn to be united?

“It is necessary to be united. Good people must combine to agree the ends to be attained and then obey in everything that the success of the common enterprise demands. Otherwise you have anarchy.”

A tall order. How can it be done?

Not on a grand scale but with small groups working on limited objectives within limited areas eg half a dozen people keeping their own street clean.

Initially the only rules needed are to work within the law and have total regard for the dignity of people and respect for property, private or public.

Eventually a zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour will prevail.

It only requires good people with initiative, to start such concerted action groups where they live.

B ROONEY, Downpatrick




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