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Correction to Bush Claim

R. Fitzgerald • 26 April 2004

In Marty Egan's "Inductive or Deductive", Egan claimed that "almost half" of all Americans voted for Bush. In actuality, it was about 50,450,000, which is less than a fifth of the population. That hardly qualifies as a mandate.


He also states that one of the things that makes America great is the right of the government to try to "fully supress protest and First Amendment rights". He says this "right" "should never be abolished". I am assuming that he does not actually BELIEVE this, and I think he needs to consider his own words a bit more carefully before submitting them for potential publication by "The Blanket".


He offers a St. Patrick's Day parade (which is not clear) as evidence of... something (also unclear). A St. Patrick's Day parade is evidence of nothing other than the fact that it is March 17th, and that America has a large and, in many cases, comically confused
Irish population.


As for Sinn Fein being the only viable way forward - this is precisely the flock mentality that Sinn Fein relies upon. Don't question our authority or examine alternatives, just get on board. If you don't, you are a dangerous "dissident", and we, the party leading the North peacefully towards democracy, have ways of dealing with "dissidents".




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