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Can't Deal, Won't Deal

Samuel Fannin • 12 October 2004

Like the false intelligence on Iraq, which led to a false illegal war, the false basic premise of "peace " —one day they will love us— leads to impossible expectations.

Does the Nationalist community actually think eg., Saville will conclude that yes, Heath and Co. did decide to implement Bloody Sunday?

Or that Blair's open/closed enquiry will actually say yes, we routinely collude with prod killers to eliminate difficult Catholics?

What government in the world establishes an investigation which condemns themselves?

And does Adams think by dripping concessions to the Unionists they will actually eventually love him?

Do Catholics kid themselves that one day, because they're now so nice, Prods will concede an inch?

The gap will never close, face it, it's back to 'Ourselves alone'.




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