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Republicanism and Resistance Are Not the Same

Cathal Donnelly • April 20, 2004

I have been visiting the site for quite some time now and there seems little in the way of a rational alternative that you are offering to the current Sinn Fein strategy. I like most with a desire for the advancement of an Irish Republic see little point in childish personality attacks that suddenly surfaced after 1998. Would Liam O Ruairc at some point tell us why does republicanism have to be in opposition,marginalised, in resistance. As Gerry Ruddy quite rightly points out being so devoid of relevance to peoples' everyday lives the anti-agreement political argument is absolutist and won't happen.

The GFA is not the solution and it isn't the republic but it delivers greater autonomy to Ireland to develop it's all-Ireland identity as a everyday reality in our lives. It offers us outwith the conflict management attitude and bringing them in from the cold to political normality posturing of the Brits the actual opportunity to not alone undermine the whole Brit securocrat playing off the Unionists siege/frontier but to build positive and constructive engagement that these negative and narrow agendas are not allowed to maintain the whole sectarian cul-de-sac that we were in.


Sinn Fein haven't sold out on the Republic. This is an avenue that can build the type of republicanism from the ground upward that the next generations can identify it from empowerment in their youth towards a new Ireland. Empowerment is more important than spiteful and indeed gleeful attitude of some dissenting republicans towards the difficulties faced by Sinn Fein in the peace process. I am totally opposed to the attacks on dissenting
republicans from whatever source.

Dissenting republicans should come up with an alternative that could provide the dynamic for change and empowerment in Ireland. I believe that GFA does provide us with if fully implemented the ability to negate any possible reason for the Brits to remain. To build unity and recognise that by a process we can move forward to new dimensions in our relationships. To be juxtaposed and absolutist is easy. Dissenting republicans aren't empowering the people to build unity. Sinn Fein are!




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