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Crime and the Family

Sean Smyth

Billy Mitchell's articles on organised crime and the crucifixion, was interesting especially his admission of having no love for the petty criminals:

Let me make it quite clear, I have no soft spot in my heart for those who prowl our streets and housing estates preying on the weak and the vulnerable, robbing and vandalising and turning our estates into prison-houses of fear.

Billy talks of a society where thugs rule and where people are afraid to walk the streets of their own communities. However, Billy forgot to mention the role the paramilitaries have played in destroying their own and other communities by their racketeering, demanding protection money from builders and many others, hijacking, organising street protest and riots, bank robberies, taking over homes of the people they were suppose to be protecting, acting as judge, jury and executioner, kidnapping, intimidating their own people, ect, ect, ect. Just look at the misery 'C' company UDA have brought to the Lower Shankill and the Loyalist working class in general, But as this is done for Ulster/Ireland maybe it's better not to mention it.

The causes of anti-social behaviour in society are many - alcoholism, poverty and drug abuse, and they cross all classes of society, 'except poverty.' Alcoholism and drug abuse are as much a problem in affluent areas of society as they are in working class areas, only in the former those afflicted are more likely to receive treatment in a Betty Ford type clinics before being reintroduced into the society of the ruling classes as Judges and Doctors ect, whereas the poor are left to die on the streets.

In working class areas there is a major problem with alcohol abuse, where socialising often means going to a pub or social club where binge drinking is encouraged - compare the price of soft drinks and wine to the price of pints of beer and spirits; where children as young as seven are running the streets until the early hours of the morning drinking alcohol, smoking pot, and glue-sniffing. If you want to see this for yourself lookout side MacDonald's, Castle Place Belfast, any day of the week day or night.

There is only one set of people to blame for all of society's problems, the parents.There is nothing as innocent or as pure as a new born baby. It is the parents who teach them to hate, to be sectarian, racist, or elitists. It's the parents who vote for the politicians, and who stood idly by while society ripped itself apart for the last eighty plus years.

Society will only get better when parents of anti-social children live up to their obligations and put their own house in order. If they don't then maybe the time has come for society to act. There is talk of changes in law where juries will be told before any trial begins if the accused has any previous convictions. Will/could this hinder a fair trial?

Should society introduce a three strike rule, after anybody has offended three times the jury is told of their previous convictions, if found guilty they get their sentence plus five years. If they offend again they get their sentence plus ten years and so on.

All that is evil in our society is first taught in the home. Parents should be held accountable for the actions of their children and then the communities they grow-up in and then society.There is an ancient Tibetan saying 'give me the child for the first six years of his life and I will give you the man.'

Billy is right in his assessment of the police and the courts; the working class cannot look to the police/courts or governments to solve the problem of anti-social behaviour, as they are only concerned with protecting the capitalist and the multiinational companies.

The working class have the power to change society, but first we must look at ourselves. We are told that we live in a democracy. That is a lie. We live in a capitalist society where greed and selfishness are rewarded, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The people most effected by anti-social behaviour and organised crime is the working class and it's only when the working class, who are the majority of the 'voting' population work together to build a just and fair society for all will we be able to tackle anti-social behaviour, gangsterism and so on. If we don't, we will 'reap what we sow.'





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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.
- Arthur Calwell
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1 December 2002


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