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War on Iraq

Davy Carlin

The Belfast Anti-War Movement is presently engaged in organizing activity in preparation to oppose the oncoming US lead attack on Iraq. Since the last war there have still been ongoing bombing attacks on Iraq and this coupled with the sanctions imposed on the country has meant the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. The US wishes to attempt to impose its dominance within that region and it will also be a war of economic and strategic calculation based once again on US interests.

Many people realize this as the US tries frantically to pull together allies, with many countries opposed to military intervention. In Britain for example, as is increasingly developing elsewhere, the majority of the public are against this US led agenda. That is why there will be a massive demonstration in England next month, this at the same time as a demo in Dublin. We urge all those who wish to oppose the coming war to be at any protest and events organised by the anti war movement.






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