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Davy Carlin • Feb. 2003


In reply to a letter by Sean Smyth, there 'has' been a protest called for the Blair visit and had been agreed and organised by those active in the Anti-War Movement a while back. Secondly the Anti War movement have postered loyalist areas including the 'Village area' and also Cluan place, those who did it included leading members of the Belfast SWP. Sean seems to think that activists in the Anti War Movement have by passed loyalist areas. In fact if you look at some of the main activists in the Belfast Anti War Movement they have also been active in other recent campaigns which has seen them attend and speak from the plaform at meetings in Rathcoole, seen them poster on the Shankill Road and then march down the Shankill Road in support of the Firefighters, seen them speak from the platform in working class loyalist areas of East Belfast, seen them postering, leafleting and knocking on the doors in loyalist areas in South Belfast, seen them engage in cross community ventures in North Belfast, seen them engage with protestant working class community workers all over Belfast etc, etc, etc.

The question isn't about what we have done or what we haven't done but about what collectively we can all do together against this war. If posters have not went up in some loyalists, republican or whatever areas against the war then go with a few people and stick them up Sean. People have set up their own groups in their workplace, in the colleges in their local communities and elsewhere while others are working individually. If they see something needs done then they get a few people together and they go and do it. This is what it is all about people taking the initiative. Instead of talking about what hasn't been done then take the lead, get a few people around you and go out and do it. Everyone has a part to play.



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