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Conspiracy Theory

Davy Carlin
Andersonstown News 19/5/2002


Several weeks after Sep11, I attempted to raise the question of possible US agency knowledge of the tragedy, but due to the world wide media mourning such thoughts were mainly censored or articulated as unpatriotic or callous, as my and others' crime was to raise 'traitorous questions' months after world mourning. The reason given for my thoughts was three fold: firstly realizing some hidden contradictions in statements and actions from the said departments, secondly the inconceivability of such an operation being mounted by an organization which has virtually every major intelligence agency in the world tracking its movements. While thirdly my own thought on the benefits of such a tragedy, which differing circles had articulated as conspiracy theory. In reality though, at the least it was putting various state interest before lives, as even the limited circulated information suggests a slight possibility of differing outcome to Sept 11 on the basis of only the information to date supplied to the public.

Yet what information in fact did they really know? Is it inconceivable that the worlds 'leading democracy' knew more? Could they have if they had wanted to prevented it? Such questions go to the very heart of the matter and some persons could and would not conceive of such a thought about the US. Yet the US not only sends their young men and women to die in their tens of thousands for economic and strategic interest but they have in fact killed many of their own peoples for their perceived state interests. From the ethnic cleansing of her native Americans to the deaths of thousands of her people as they swamped their working class ghettos with drugs to quell a stance by mainly black people for equality and justice. It is therefore not inconceivable as it has already been done time and again historically. This time though they have a far bigger agenda with already mild and increasing totalitarianism within the US nation state, an ever progressing agenda for international authoritarianism with the enhanced pursuit of economic and military dominance. What better why to achieve it than to have such support within your nation state for militarist interventions while legislating severe repression and ripping up of human and civil rights laws and agreements?

Let's not forget this came on the back of a huge and increasing movement around the world including the then very recent Genoa protest weeks before against the very economic and military agenda the US ruling politic was pushing, which then lost some of its its momentum and was severly repressed post Sep11. All this continues while developing and marking out territory after territory, planning to destroy country after country, repressing people after people while the world watches while fewer and fewer will be afforded a space to speak out.

I once said Sept11 has brought the US ruling agenda forward by years, yet was it an accident or could it inconceivably indeed all along to a large extent been allowed to develop? I have always believed that state interest will dictate state response. So I just wonder was the state response dictated by the immense benefit to state interest? Conspiracy theory then or does it run much deeper?







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