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Isolation Continuing To Kill

Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi • March 2003


The F-Type prisons are now more calm...
There is one voice less raising an objection...

There is news of another death in the F-Type prison cells.

Last week the Justice Minister said Our prisons are extremely quiet and calm. Now they must be even more tranquil (!) A prisoner they tried to drive insane with solitary confinement was unable to bear these conditions any longer
and set fire to himself!

Orhan Ogur, who was in a ONE-PERSON cell in Tekirdag F-Type Prison, took an individual decision to set himself on fire on February 16 after being subjected to prison cells, isolation, disciplinary punishment and physical attack, one after the other and because of the torture of isolation and attacks to which he was exposed every moment of every day; Orhan Ogur was taken to Haydarpasa Numune Hospital and was martyred on February 27.

With Orhan Ogur, that is the 105th human being they have murdered since December 19, 2000.

Orhan Ogur was born on March 3, 1981 in Istanbul. On the one hand he went to school, on the other, he worked in restaurants, textile factories, moved cargoes, and also worked in pastry shops and in markets. He became better acquainted with the places where the system's exploitation is at its worst. He started to take up his place in the struggle when he was 16. At the end of 1998 his relationship with our movement took on an organised form. He sought to develop the struggle and the organising of our people in the shantytown districts such as Nurtepe, Guzeltepe and Armutlu.

He was a revolutionary. For this reason, on November 6, 2001 he was jailed and put in the F-Type prisons. In Tekirdag F-Type Prison cells he experienced attacks every day on his honour and his personality. He resisted alongside his comrades.

In July 2002, on the pretext of carrying out a search, the authorities entered the cell Orhan Ogur shared with two other prisoners and all three prisoners were tortured. As a result of this attack, Orhan Ogur's body was bruised in many places, his fingernails were broken and he was soaked in his own blood. But even this was not enough for the torturers. Despite the fact that Orhan and the other two prisoners made a formal complaint about the torture to which they had been subjected, they themselves were deemed to be the guilty ones and the prison administration punished them with six months discipline and a ban on correspondence for 45 days! Because the plumbing was broken they could not meet their needs for days and were neither able to clean themselves nor wash their eating utensils, so they did not eat at all. They could not use the toilet because of the stench and filth.

Later Orhan Ogur was put in an isolation cell near the cells occupied by the fascist mafioso Sedat Peker and other mafiosi. A search of the mafia members' cells turned up a computer and a telephone. But because a computer and a phone had been found on the mafia prisoners, the soldiers again searched and attacked Orhan and prisoners like him.

After this attack Orhan said, I can't take this any longer, something has to be done, and he set himself on fire. At the moment where he lost the power to resist tyranny any longer, he turned his death into a protest against tyranny, even if it was not the result of a decision taken by us.

Our comrades in prison are continuing the Death Fast resistance in the F-Type prison cells. Our comrades in the Zehra Kulaksiz Death Fast Team (the 9th Team) have set out on the road to death and are going forward, determined not to give in to the isolation tyranny of the AKP government.

This resistance will continue until isolation is lifted.




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