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Blind and Happy Irish Americans

Dáithí Mac Bhurrais


There is a large population of Americans who claim Irish descent. Sad is the fact that at least 80% (IMO) of them have no idea of what has and is going on in the country that they so happily claim descent from on Saint Patrick's Day.

For the rest of this letter we will call them the Blind and Happy Irish-Americans. The Blind and Happy Irish-Americans are those who think Ireland is all shamrocks, Leprechauns and green beer. The Blind and Happy Irish-Americans go through life not caring or knowing what is and has happened in Ireland. They have no idea of who Tone was, Pearse, Connolly or what the Irish Proclamation is. Say something about the Partition of the six counties from the rest of Ireland and they haven't a clue about that either. Ask them about Bloody Sunday and the Blind and Happy Irish-Americans will answer Bloody what? Having no idea that 13 Irish Civil Rights Marchers where shot down in cold blood by the British Army's 1st Parachute Regiment. They have no idea that 10 men died for Freedom by starving to death while Thatcher Prime Minister of Britain was eating gourmet meals. Say one word in Irish and they have a blank look on their faces, not knowing that the words hung over the bar on St. Patrick's Day "Éire go Brách" is Irish and means "Ireland Forever". Nothing can be done here in America until the Blind and Happy Irish-Americans learn what has and is going on in the country that they say their parents, grandparents or great grandparents came from and proudly hold high a glass of crappy green beer to on St. Patrick's Day.

Learn, Care, Love and Weep! For Ireland is not Free and the British still control Irish lives in the North and have no right to do so!




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