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Refusal: One Weapon They Cannot Take

Dáithí Mac Bhurrais


Here is the definition of Refusal; 1) the act or an instance of refusing. 2) an option to accept or reject something.

Now you may ask what am I talking about. Here is my answer.

Refusal is a weapon. It is a weapon we have and can continue to use against Stormont, The British Government, Unionists, Loyalists and the PSNI/RUC. Now how can we use this weapon?

Your Refusal to see the partition as legal.
Your Refusal to see the GFA as a workable solution to the problems in the Occupied Six Counties.
Your Refusal to see the British occupation and rule on Irish soil as legal.
Your Refusal to see the PSNI/RUC as a legitimate police force.
Your Refusal to let our volunteers be seen as criminals.
Your Refusal to allow touts, turncoats and informers break our willingness to work together.
Your Refusal to allow people to forget the Irish continue in a fight for Freedom, Justice and Human Rights.

Refusal, what a weapon one word can be.





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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey





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