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Dáithí Mac Bhurrais


The persecution of Nationalist/Republicans in their communities hasn't stopped during the Loyalist feud but I wonder now that it seems all but over will attacks on these Nationalist/Republican communities be renewed more fully? Will Loyalists turn their hands in more force than during the feud again on the people?

If so what will become of the Nationalist/Republicans in their communities? Who will come to their aid? Who will defend them in their hour of need? Sadly I see no one! Many of those in the Republican Armies we support are now in prisons and support them we do! Being proud of them goes without saying! But who will protect the communities? It seems too that these Republican Armies no longer protect the people! I do not say it is always such but I say it is infrequent! I ask this for my friends, when the time comes and I fear it will. Step into the tide! For the people! For Ireland! Ordinary men you may be but heroes to us all!




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