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Why A United Ireland (Sans England)?


Eoghan O'Suilleabhain


Well, first there is the obvious answer in the form of a question: Why not? That is, why not a United Ireland like a United Germany or a United France or a United Cypress? Or better yet, why should there ever be an East Germany or a Vichey France or a the Northern Turkish Republic of Cypress? Why outside intervening forces of course! Just as the Soviet Union occupied and controlled much of Eastern Europe for its own geo-political and economic ends, so did Nazi Germany invade and control Vichey France among other places and so did Turkey invade and control Northern Cypress. Puppet governments and statelets are nothing new and some forgetting the lessons of their own puppet state history have even had their own puppets themselves: i.e. France's occupation of Algiers and the US occupation of Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Guantanomo, Hawaii, Texas and the Phillipenes.

History is replete with colonies and the present with neo-colonies. And it's the same everywhere: once a greater outside military and economic power invades another less powerful country to occupy or control it in whole or in part, the occupation engenders a wide range of local reaction from active resistance to passive resistance, from active support to passive support. Active support comes in the form of quislings and passive support in the form of apologists and rationalizers almost all of whom benifit from the status quo of the occupation or at least think they do and so don't want anyone else, the resisters, to rock the boat on them because they "...just want to get on with their lives".

Sean McBride called it the slave mentality and it's what I call the half-a- loafers who can readily be distinguished from the usual West Brits who openly ape their overseers. The half-a-loafers are typically of the Fianna Fee and Fine Fum branch of mainstream Irish politics who seem to think that it is ok to fight for half a National Liberation but not ok to fight for all of it. They got theirs, hence all the old former Republican family dynasties in their present day Irish Civil Service, so you get what's left if anything. Given this transparently bankrupt political philosophy small wonder there is so much corruption in Irish Politics from the Taoiseachs on down.

Now if we know this, don't you think other people on the outside looking in do too? For instance, anytime you see an American President get actively involved in some foreign policy matter or affair on a personal level, then rest assured his State Department and CIA are also involved. And they work the same way everywhere: carrot or stick? Take their bribes and get onto their payroll or they assassinate you one way or the other. Gerry Adams isn't the first small country Nationalist to be coopted by these forces (just reference Latin America and the Carribean) and Liam Lawlor isn't the only Irish politician with nefarious off-shore bank accounts.

And now hear this: Bill Clinton never supported Irish National Unification. He simply shored up Britain's paranoid sense of geo-political insecurity by actively giving them a pass on their present day occupations in Northern Ireland, Gibralta and the Falklands, in return for British circus poodle support for American hegemony everywhere else. He got Gerry Adams and company to give up Irish Republicanism without the British giving up anything. Seeing foolish Irish people gush like school children over Clinton always reminds me of what an Arkansas State Senator once said about Wild Bill: "Why Bill Clinton is the kind of guy who will put his right arm around you in friendship while he pisses down your leg with his left." Irish people everywhere can begin purging themselves of this evil sleeze by just uttering the following mantra over and over again: "Ricky Ray Rector, Susan McDougle, Leonard Peltier & Mark Rich.", and by always remembering what Mark Twain said about the Devil: "The Devil don't have two horns and a pointy tail. He wears a nice blue suit and is an affable chap."

So why have a United Ireland? Because who needs interference from such pernicious outside forces? And why not have genuine democratic control over our entire national destiny? Who really needs the duplication of government which comes from partition which will in turn only entrench partition ever more? Sure conventional wisdom says 90% of Irish people voted for the Stormont Agreement of April 10th, 1998, but didn't Tony Blair say there was no Plan B (i.e. no other choice)? And didn't the Soviet Union once upon a time propose a similar solution for East and West Germany only to have leading lights in the West like Henry Kissinger say that that Soviet proposal was "...just a clever ruse for maintaining the status quo." Moreover, didn't Antonio Gramsci say that hegemony works to induce people to consent to their own oppression ? If you don't think so, then why is Ireland now the only country in the world that doesn't define its nationality by territory and what did the British give up by signing the Stormont Agreement? And why don't England, Ireland or the US recognize the Northern Turkish Republic of Cypress?

Having a genuinely democratic United Ireland would not only end the pathetic British colony in the north but, given the subsequent reamalgamation of political parties that would follow in all 32 Counties, it would also be our best chance to break and end the Feena Fee/Feena Fum duopoly in the South and give us all a more meaningful array of political choices. That's why Bertie Ahern and company don't want a United Ireland or even god forbid a poll on the matter. It would mean an end to their guaranteed turn at the treasury trough. Why a United Ireland? How else are we going to get rid of Bertie Ahern and his side-kick Kissinger defender Mary Harney? So come let us put an end to these bananna republics once and for all without rule from London or rule from Rome. We can begin by not being fooled and by not buying British cars.






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