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The Nice II Vote

Eoghan O’Suilleabhain


Now that the second vote is in, THE IRISH TIMES triumphantly asked its readers if the victorious "Yes" outcome to Nice II justified having had this second referendum. My answer (which they said they'd "moderate") was as follows:

"Machievelli was right, the ends apparently do justify the means. But at the end of the day, what does it really all mean? Just that the sell-out forces within the Irish political & economic elite (like elites in most places) can muster the forces of propaganda effectively more times than not to fool people into voting against their own best interests. Notice of course that this second bite at the Nice apple will not be permitted precedent to re-vote on the so called Good Friday Agreement. Why? Because money talks and bullshit walks. Oh well, this isn't the first (or last) time that a small country was sold out by its corrupt off-shore banking elite. Banana Republic Go Brah!"

Because not far from the ancient city of Jalabad in Afghanistan is a graveyard filled with dead Irish soldiers from the 1840's who died for the last great federal project in which they were also second class citizens. And if you don't think you have been sold down the river, then why is it that none of the 50 states in the United States would have agreed to a similar second class status for union membership as prescribed by the Treaty of Nice? And if you think the F&F'ers and company really provided the public at large with the adequate information they needed for voting this time around, then do pray tell what benefits Ireland got by voting for this treaty of adhesion? What were the express quantity terms of this contract?

Surely the EU will now be administratively streamlined by this treaty for the political convenience of the current larger member states, but how does this benefit Ireland or any of the other smaller current member countries or larger applicant countries for that matter?

And don't say the Treaty of Nice was needed for enlargement because Romano Prodi already stated for the record that it wasn't (given the existence of the Treaty of Amsterdam from 1998 which already provided for enlargement by up to 5 more applicant countries).

Now who gets to unilaterally deem this 2nd plebiscite "unreliable and unacceptable" given the overwhelming propaganda that was marshaled by the government and the media? Wasn't the greater "Yes" response this time out really just pavlovian and so untrustworthy meriting a two out of three go round?

Since I don't believe in soothsayers anymore than most, consider the following legal analysis: after the so-called Good Friday Agreement, Ireland became the only country in the world that didn't define itself by territory. And now with the Treaty of Nice, Ireland is no longer a national country even. It is a European province wherein you will now have even lesser a say in the EU policy decision making process, which will affect your lives. That's hardly democratic. But given history, it is very European.

And given Ireland's long history of informing and bribing, do you really think our fearless leaders sold us out for free? Or do you really think only Liam Lawlor has nefarious off-shore bank accounts?

If you do, then you have the right attitude to fight for Spain in Morrocco and for Britain in the Falklands --- all of which are part of the EU as will be any territory these imperial powers claim and control.

So take that hill Sarge. I gotcha covered. Whatcha waiting for?
Because if you don't go then know the EU now has the right, thanks to the Treaty of Nice, to throw Ireland out of the EU as never before given the now former requirement of unanimous voting by all the EU members as equal states. What price inequality?

The fools, the fools, the fools. They have given up their Fenian lives and they don't even know it or care. Time to go to Norway.



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