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Fenian Bastards?
Marty Egan • 29 October 2003



I take offense at Kathleen O Halloran's denegration of Fenian's. If it weren't for Fenian's and United Irish there would have been no IRA at the turn of the century. There would be no Republic of Ireland. My ancestors fled Ireland because of their involvement in both. The IRA of 1922 bears no resembalance to those who use the term today.


Those Fenian bastards as Kathleen calls them, lost their lives, land and family to eventually create a Republic.They, after escaping to America and other places, still supplied money and modern day arms, to those left, to struggle on. Today, a peacefull solution is more pragmatic.


Is Sinn Fein sorry for unnessary death? I believe so. People with alligator mouths and canary asses, or arses in Ireland, carry guns. Gerry Adams doesn't carry a gun. Johnny Adair does. Fenians, repentant or not, are the furthest cry from being bastards. All the mud slinging in the world ain't goin to change the facts. Fenian is another name for Hero.


Erin Go Bragh and God bless all Fenian's living and dead.







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