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Life's Little Circles
George R. Young • 30 October 2003



I am a firm believer that life seems to travel in circles no matter how large or small. To give an example of what I mean, I am a 52 year old man and a smoker and I began smoking like a lot of other smokers, in the toilets at school, and now, mainly due to the constant bleating of my wife and daughter that I am poisoning their lungs, I have taken to going to the toilet, if and when, I feel the urge to smoke.


The same, I feel, could be attributed to the political situation in Nortern Ireland. If we go back to the 1960's, we had Terence O'Neil, in the seventies we had James Chichester-Clark and Brian Faulkner(the man who introduced internment without trial), all strong supporters of the then, political status quo. A time when we had people threatened, assaulted and abused for daring to speak their minds about the political injustices in the Northern Irish system.


So what do we have now, we have ex-PIRA members being abused in the exact same manner by former friends and colleagues for voicing opinions on the "Peace Process". The same friends and colleagues, who they manned barricades with, the same people with whom they hid from the Security Forces in damp cellars and soaking wet fields, and who, without each other would probably not have survived to this day. And to the politicians, we have on one side David Ervine and David Trimble, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness on the other, so to them I ask this question.


Gentlemen, is it a circle and whose toilet do you go to?






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