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Democratic Or What?
George Young • 23 November 2003

After reading about the Unionist Councillors' walkout after the motion was passed to remove all the flags from the Limavady Borough Council offices, I'm wondering what the"D"in DUP actually stands for. I thought it stood for Democratic, but I'm sure Mr (Bullets across the border) Paisley's definition of it differs a good bit from the Oxford English Dictionary's.

Democracy: the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group [syn: {majority rule}]

For Mr Paisley's version, substitute for the word "organized", the abbreviation W.A.S.P( White Anglo Saxon Protestant) and in DUP for Democratic, read Dictatorial.

Which leads me to the statement by Sinn Fein's candidate for East Derry that her party is determined to "break through the sectarian glass ceiling" and you have to wonder just how they propose to do that.

Do they intend to appeal to the better natures of the loyalist fraternities in Coleraine? A place where the nationalist population have been abused and terrorised for the last 40 years and where the Union flag has flown above the local Borough Council offices for about the same amount of time. I mean, if Unionist Councillors are prepared to walk out for the removal of flags in Limavady, I'm wondering what their reaction would be to anyone opposing Coleraine Council's policy of re-housing Catholic families from what they consider to be "flashpoint" areas.

Well, I suppose from the Sinn Fein candidate's point of view, we can all live in hope but I personally will not be holding my breath.







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