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George Young • 23 October 2003

While agreeing with almost everything that you said in your article " Republicanism: Relevant and Not Going Away", there was one small paragraph with which I disagreed, ie:

"I'm not saying I completely or even mostly agreed with the IRA's actions...but I don't believe that the failure of a terrorist-nationalist group discredits republican guerillaism."

You mentioned terrorist when referring to the IRA, I for one, have never believed that to be the case and have always believed that the real terrorists in Northern Ireland were in fact the British Occupation Forces. We only have to look at the murders of Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson amongst hundreds of others to come to this realisation, but the real acts of terror committed on the Republican/Nationalist community were the treatment of the families of the the people who were unlawfully interned (and I use INTERNED deliberately) by the Diplock Courts.

I refer to the physical and mental abuse heaped on the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters (especially sisters, and you know what I am referring to here) of Republicans by the British Non-Security Forces and their sub-human lackies the RUC, sorry, PSNI, sorry, RUC.

So in closing out I would ask all Republican supporters, when writing about acts of bravery, not to use the words terrorism or terrorist, it only gives strength to the elbow of the people whose mindset we have been trying to change for so many, many years.







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