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Trimbleisms and Ex-Paras

George Young • 2 February 2004

I see that the leader of the Ulster Unionists (well for the time being anyway), David Trimble, has been shooting himself in the foot yet again.

His faux pas this time? While attending an International Conference of terrorism victims in Madrid, he told the Associated Press news agency, "One of the great curses of this world is the human rights industry, they justify terrorist acts and end up being complicit in the murder of innocent victims."

Quite a controversial statement for any political party leader but coming from one who is a joint holder of the Nobel Peace Prize, it was monumentally controversial and was vociferously condemned by every human rights group on the planet.

Actually, what the bold David was doing was, supporting the Columbian Vice President, Mr Francisco Santos, who was denigrating the human rights organisations in his own country. I mean, why shouldn't he support the representative from Columbia, a country where the life expectancy of any trade union official is equal to that of any Catholic resident of North Belfast's in the 1980's and 90's, it might mean having to admit that human rights violations did and do still occur in that region of the North's biggest city. But it could be that David is just a big lover of Coca~Cola. (See The Desaparecidos by Anthony McIntyre.)

And, talking about life expectancy, I see that the PSNI have issued handguns to Ex-Paras to "protect themselves from any possible retribution from the PIRA after the Bloody Sunday inquiry."


I wonder if they have issued one to Spookaticci, I mean if and I stress IF, he is guilty of the allegations made against him by ex-members of the security forces, then he has definitely been instrumental in the deaths of a hell of a lot more Republicans than any individual Para ever was.

Anyway, if I was an Ex-Para I don't think I would be too worried about being shot by the Provos. They're too busy shooting Ex-Provos.



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