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How Much Does it Take?

In response to Patrick Hurley's attempt to smear John Kerry just a bit more

Kriste Kline • 10 October 2004

Just how much does someone need to bleed for their country before it's enough according to your standards? Obviously John Kerry doesn't meet your quota, neither did Max Cleland a few years back. Three limbs isn't enough if you aren't a right wing zealot apparently. In fact, it would seem nothing is 'enough' if you have the temerity to speak out for what you think and believe to be true and if you're a Democrat.

As regards who is telling the truth, I guess I'll rely on the words of the guy who says John Kerry saved his life................or do you think he's lying as well?

And since you brought it up, where WAS Dubya while John Kerry was in Viet Nam, whatever he was or wasn't doing while he was there? At least there's a record of where John Kerry was at the time. Dubya seems to have gone missing for a year or so. What a guy, eh?

I must add a comment about the most recent 'debate', during which had you been listening with an open mind, you would have learned that Senator Kerry has many other issues about which he is concerned and actually has plans for and unlike 'President' Bush, he's concerned about the peace process in N Ireland. AND! He can even remember who he's debating ('Mr Kennedy is the most liberal Senator' was one of my favorite moments) and properly pronounce really hard words, like nuCLEAR and the internet!

The only point upon which we are in agreement is the integrity and fairness of the Blanket. They allow all points of view, no matter how diverse and are to be commended for never wavering from their mission.



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