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Hurley doesn't rhyme with Curley in this case


J. Curley • 2 Ocotber 2004

Patrick Hurley's current article for The Blanket is absolutely correct in pointing out the Democratic Party's efforts to pitch Kerry as a viable war president. However, he refuses to acknowledge the controversy surrounding Bush's record or the hypocrisy and double-talk of each political party concerning foreign or domestic policy. Hurley's position is fundamentally flawed in that he addresses the issue as if there is something morally or politically objectionable in criticizing U.S. war efforts, whether by dissenting civilians or military personnel. The current invasion is taking so many lives that to point out its fatal flaws is in no way a slander-- it is in fact an expression of humanitarian honesty.

John Kerry did not let down a whole generation of GI's by lambasting the Vietnam war and its prosecution. Such reductivism is typical of Democrats and Republicans alike. And to suggest that George W. Bush might well have been sent to Vietnam is false: the Texas National Guard was then, unlike now, quite removed from the possibility of active service.

But I digress: Patrick Hurley is partisan to a political establishment and its arrogant claims that deem all U.S. imperialist ventures just and any dissent unpatriotic. I don't know why The Blanket, a forum for dissident thought, would even bother to publish such a mainstream, reactionary, and misguided treatise. Hurley, who happens to live in my neighborhood (or rather, I live in his), is a Republican of another tradition, and American nationalism at the moment is as toxic and paranoid as any species of nationalism, Irish or otherwise, that grows insular and refuses any progressive sense of itself.





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