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Response to Provos vs. Themselves
Joseph McDaid • 30 November 2003

I read Lisa McConnell's letter and it conjured up many sad conclusions that I'd drawn too long ago now. Born an idealist, life has long transformed me into a realist and this is indeed a sad truth. I've long since come to the conclusion that people are very shallow indeed they truly care only about themselves. They are consumed by their own greed and ironically it is their own greed that keeps them down. People go to any and all lengths to deny this and are quite convincing in dumbing their own minds to the reality of who they really are and what they are really about. The truth can be a harsh pill to swallow. People don't want to just get by the want what the other man has too. Fairplay...christ, you can't even find fairplay in the sports they play. American's aren't happy with having the greatest country in the world to live in (what more do they really need?)... they want every other country in the world too... this a trait they no doubt gleaned from the motherland (England). My people were Irish and as such, I am born of serfs... but, I, like my father and his father before him never submitted to our conquerors... and never did and never will agree to the cruel betrayal of Ireland like that of the quislings and traitors that sold out the North and to this day continue to sell-out the North. TOO MANY TRAITORS AND TOO FEW REBELS LIKE HENRY MUNRO!







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