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[In response to] The Turbanization of Terrorists
Kasey Farley

This article is one of the first few I have read since this site was reccomended from a Belfast friend. It was not a good time to read it, maybe the emotional strain of the week has fogged my rational and logical mind. But I have and now respond... You do not like how the media responded...? I am older and I daresay a bit wiser I think than the psuedo intellectual drivel you write. I have been a political activist for years... also a writer...Having disagreed with the media.. and I have also at times supported the media...always I have remained thankful that this society allows me the freedom to do just that.

They have used this as merely a vechicle to get attention and show the total ignorance they have of this society. I believe in free speech.. and have over my 50+ years expressed it with passion and word... with written and visual displays... I can still get on TV acquire a public service spot and announce my views to the audience. How thankful we are here to have 30-100 channels of coverage.

So are you in or you need go to a country that the government controls the tv.. the radio and the news.. then write how this would have been covered.. spare me...Along with the freedom here we have the intelligence, for the most part, to decipher our news and how it is presented.

Kasey Farley








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