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Let Go of Violence
A message to Mr Sean O Lubaigh

Paul Harrison • April 17, 2004

Instead of criticising Gerry Adams and the SF leadership in their going into government with the "enemy" I suggest you look to your own blood lust. You want a continuence of the armed struggle. Against what? The Irish and British governments, with the agreement of the UUP, the SDLP and Sinn Fein, along with Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour(Irish) are all behind peace. The Irish electorate backed peace in a referendum.

So who do you purveyors of violence represent apart from your own sick, inflated egos. The Irish aren't in need of your idea of liberation. They are a free people. They derailed the Nice Treaty. For the first time in centuries, the British and the Irish are able to cooperate as equal partners in the EU, but with that special bond which comes from our shared history. Before any of you take up arms again, and dismember children as you did at Omagh and Warrington, you obviously know that the mood in the US is radically altered. George W has no time for terrorists. The hat passed in the Boston bar is no longer acceptible to his admin.

This is a war that can't be won by terror. If you don't abandon you're terrorist stance, you will become caught up in the future terror between Islam and the West. So please, Sean, don't kill any more children. Don't maim any more old people. It isn't worth it. History moves in your direction. Please renounce violence in your organisation. It will achieve nothing. It will perpetuate pain. Let it go.




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