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Little Girl Lost


Stuart McNarry • 12 August 2004

I am an Irish born protestant who cares more for Northern Ireland and its people than for anyone or anything in Britain or the Irish Republic.

I read the Dolours Price piece with interest. It seems to me her writing reveals mostly her own deep bitterness and twistedness which she has nurtured within herself by her prejudices. It is very obvious to the reader that she is going to bring about her own destruction in this life and sadly the real possibility that it extends into the life to come.

Dolours writes as someone who has no future; she lives as a prisoner of the past; her own past, the one she constructed herself. She has nothing to offer Ireland, north, south or united because she is full of bitterness. Reading her comments makes clear that she sees no future for any diversity in Ireland. The only Ireland she envisages is hers - for her and those like her. Thankfully there are relatively few people who share her politics, her vision and her readiness to murder and maim.

As for Doulors comment's about Gerry Kelly, they may be a closer description of herself because Gerry has grown up to be the man he used to be when he was a boy. I mean he saw the world a happier, more positive place with hope and adventure and a future.

Dolours started off that way too but sadly that little girl has turned into the woman that little girl could never have imagined even in her worst nightmare. What happened to that little girl? Is she lost forever? I want her back for her own sake.




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