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Provos vs. Themselves
Lisa McConnell


After reading the article by Eamon McCann today I was once again amazed at the strategy of the policy makers...for want of a better word. Republicans killing Republicans for fighting the same fight. Republicans trying to gain a leg up in public opinion and pats on the head from the British Government, by killing their comrades.


I'm reminded of the indian wars in the united states in the 1800s....I'm not talking about the wars over land, or old disputes...I'm talking about the success the United States had in pitting one tribe or even factions of the same tribe against the other. "Let the indians kill each other then our boys wont get hurt. Let them wage war against each other, then it keeps us free to corral them." And so it happened. Had anyone had the foresight to stop, band together, and stop dividing itself unto itself and attacked the Cavalry as one nation.......well, things would have worked out for them. Instead, most of the bands who continued fighting
up to the end are poverty stricken and still being trampled on even today. ( Here, I could go into pages and pages of abuse..but I won't.)


Flash forward to the republican movement....and we see the same thing happening. You have your fort indians, and your renegade indians. Its still the same. Each one mistrusting the other. Each one fighting for the same thing. What will become of republicanism if this is allowed to continue?? Can no one see the outcome?? Can no one look into history and see where in-house fighting ends?


A house divided, cannot stand.....................a cause divided, will not stand. An Ireland unfree shall never be at Ireland at peace, will never be unfree.. At what point will the republican all its many together to fight a common enemy? Or will it also, like the Native American nation, rip itself apart, to the delight of the Empire? Will no one stop this from happening?


I've often thought that, if I had lived back in the late 1800s...I would have somehow prevented the decline of the Native American. Perhaps a bit grandiose on my part, however, I am sitting here witnessing the same thing happen in Ireland.....and what can I possibly do to prevent it?


The answer is simple......nothing. There is nothing to be done. Those in power have made their choices...I just cannot understand why.








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