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Cloud Cuckoo Land
Liam O Comain • 4 December 2003


It would appear like some others that Fr. McManus is dwelling in cloud cuckoo land!

Yes, the ultimate objective of the Republican Movement was the realisation of a peaceful society in a free and self- determining Ireland- not in a disunited Ireland: for as Pearse
wrote 'Ireland unfree shall never be at peace'. Thus Fr. you must have lost your thinking cap.

And the struggle over the last number of decades was not for the attainment of 'equality' but to obtain Tone's objective of 'breaking the connection with England'( now Britain).

Can one imagine if the dead of the recent struggle were to be gathered together and told that what they really fought and died for was equality in the 6 occupied counties not as they believed: for the freedom of Ireland.

The present leadership of the Provos have been baited by power and privilige and instead of being principled by standing down and letting others pursue the struggle they gulped the meat offered by Hume,the Dublin political establishment,the British occupier,and those who are now murdering the innocent in Iraq, namely, the government of the USA.

The northern state is incapable of being democratised and for Fr.McManus to have reached this opinion after the sterling work that he has done over the years is very disappointing. For the opinion that the Belfast Agreement will lead to Irish unity is a fabrication which unfortunately reflects many voters as being gullible.

Adams, Fr., is merely following in the footsteps of Collins and de unholy trinity!




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