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No one should be ‘sleepless in Belfast’
Irish News, Letters page

THE quality of life in west Belfast is spoilt by – among other things – groups of young people standing on street corners, and drunks keeping people awake for hours at night time and leaving the place absolutely filthy.

Groups of youngsters – in particular those taking drink – standing on street corners are at best intimidating and at worst aggressive.

When walking alone past these groups of young people, I have often been laughed at and called names.

Litter, cans and bottles been thrown at me.

All this without any provocations on my part.

This has happened also to lots of other people.

I am young but this kind of experience must be terrifying for elderly people.

When trying to get some sleep at night, I – and the whole neighbourhood – have been awakened by drunken people, party-going students and youngsters in particular.

One of the reasons I am writing you this letter is that last night – like countless others recently – the noise lasted for more than an hour.

These drunks are totally uncaring for others – especially families with babies.

The streets of west Belfast are absolutely filthy, with trash, cans and bottles lying everywhere.

Even animals wouldn’t live among such waste.

I am sure my feelings are shared by the majority of your readers.

On the Malone Road, at least, one can walk at night time without being intimidated by youngsters standing on street corners like packs of dogs.

One can sleep without being wakened by alcoholics, and the place is never allowed to become filthy.

Why do these conditions occur only in working class areas?

The evidence is that working class communities have been abandoned by the authorities and have been left to drown in their own filth, booze, deprivation and despair.

The ordinary people of west Belfast and other working class areas are fed up with this.

It’s time to take collective action against this general wretchedness.

If those in power are unable or unwilling to do anything, we must stand up and act for ourselves.

West Belfast

Response to Liam O Ruairc: Good people acting together can defeat hatred little by little








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