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A Chara,

As West Belfast based political activists we find it disheartening that no left candidate is standing in our constituency. Those that claim to be progressive demonstrated the paucity of this claim through their decision to legitimise the Bush/Blair war summit earlier this year in Hillsborough.

It is a source of much regret that we do not have someone of the calibre of Eamonn McCann standing in this constituency. McCann has demonstrated principled leadership on the issues that have for long been at the centre of socialists' concerns.

Unfortunately, the right to vote McCann is a privilege restricted only to those in the Foyle constituency. Were we registered to vote in Foyle, McCann would secure our No 1 preference. After that our votes would be transferred to those who come closest to the radical socialist vision articulated by Eamonn McCann.

Brendan Hughes
Tommy Gorman
Liam O Ruairc
Sean Smyth
Brendan Shannon
Anthony McIntyre







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