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The Murder of Peter McBride



4th September 2002

Geoff Hoon MP
Ministry Of Defence
Room 222
Old War Office

Dear Mr Hoon

Re:- Murder Of Peter McBride

I am writing on behalf of the Troops Out Movement on the 10th anniversary of Peter Mc Brides murder to express our disgust at the failure of your Department to take the necessary action in removing the convicted murderers James Wright and Mark Fisher from HM Armed Forces.

It is an insult to the family of Peter Mc Bride that his murderers who lied on oath in court and subsequently were convicted of cold blooded murder should be allowed to carry on serving in the British Army. The Army has dismissed serving soldiers for lesser offences such as possession of drugs or football hooliganism, yet the British Army allow convicted Murderers to rejoin after their release in 1998.

A representative of HM Armed Forces should possess competent, honest and law abiding qualities. The two convicted murderers, Wright and Fisher do not fit the criteria of this role. Therefore you are personally responsible for employing convicted murderers who are representing the British Army in their capacities whatever they may be.

To expel football hooligans and drug users but to retain convicted murderers in the ranks of the Army is blatantly stating that because the victim was an Irish Catholic, his life did not really matter. Would the two be serving in the British Army if it was another soldier or ranking officer they had murdered? Of course they would not.

Your explanation into the above would be appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Anthony Donnelly
TOM Co-ordinating Committee





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