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Stick Your Decommissioning
Joseph McDaid • 21 February 2004

I can't get over how some of the so called "Irish" can't get over their love affair with the traitor Micheal Collins. How duped you people were and are. Only a fool wouldn't realise that Collins was nothing more than a British plant... a mole.


Do people honestly believe that it was Collins that brought the Brits to the table? The media made Collins out to be some kind of hero that he never was. He was built up long in advance and the Irish never seen it coming. It's no wonder Britian became so powerful and the Irish became slaves... and I might add slaves to this very day. You might fly a different flag but you're still working for mother England.


My father was a young lad in 1916 and unlike some other Irish idiots he could smell a rat a mile away and he related that Collins stunk badly. Collins the traitor that he was had 77 of Irelands bravest and best men executed on one morning.


This is the man you people hold on high... this treasonous, murdering, scumbag. This great man that swore an oath to a foreign queen. This great man that stood and honored the Union Jack as it was being lowered... honoring a flag and a queen (king) an enslaver that was responsible for the brutal murder and torture of so many great Irish heroes.


"Tear it down from the mast Irish traitors it's a flag we republicans claim, it can never belong to free staters cause you brought on it nothing but shame".


"Your hands are still gory from doing the work of the foe".

You traitors can stick your decommissioning up your ass, cause the IRA WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND.





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