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Marty Egan


"One Nation once again," a one day national playing vs. one day a year Irish. What does this mean? Follow the interwoven circles from 1916 to the present. The poor and working class are fast becoming a vanishing source of bulk for the cause. Modern middle class Irish, like their American cousins, are nationalists one day a year.

Long financial supporters of the "Irish Cause" Irish Americans are now mostly third and beyond generations removed from their land and culture. New found wealth and prosperity in both countries diminish activism.

Leaders like U.S. AOH President Ned McGinley attend rallies for things like Bloody Sunday in U.S. cities that attract less than 20 people. Ned's IOU (Irish Organizations United) draw few people. An appearance by Gerry Adams saw only about 250. This is typical in small town America.

I am speaking about a country which now counts Irish Americans as the largest ethnic group. There are over 60 million in the United States. The sad fact is that they, mostly, are Irish one day a year "St. Patrick's Day" . They know and care little about North Ireland. Only sensational headlines get their attention.

British plans for ethnic cleansing didn't happen, out of fear of reaction from Irish America. Before there is little or nothing to fear, action must be taken. It is now or never. There are tidbits of information from the past that should be considered now.

Bernadette Devlin's messages, for example, cry for a united poor and working class and social justice. This is one of many good concepts from many people and ideas now ignored or forgotten. The thing is, how do you unite the Union and Nationalist working class when they now eat regular and have satellite dishes?

A United Ireland is possible. It will take leaders in the North of Ireland who can put their differences aside and work together. In unity their is strength. The old "three musketeers" saying "One for all and all for one" should be the game plan. Disunity creates delay and chaos. Only when there is "One Nation once again" should Nationalists fight in public.





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