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Screwing the Irish

Marty Egan • Feb. 2003


'Where are the Incubators? was interesting. War with Iraq, for Oil, is a popular concept. What was the war with North Viet Nam for? Iran-Contra, a sort of war in Central America, has me thinking about an agenda.

Is it possible that a thought out plan is unfolding and changing with time? Is it some kind of game for the elite with live playing pieces modeled after the game war? Who are the championship players? Viet Nam! Well George Bush Sr. was directorof the CIA and involved in events in that era. Colon Powell showed he could be a trusted player back then. Viet Nam did acomplish one thing. It eliminated the draft for young Americans.

Hey! here's an Idea. Lets get other people to fight in their own countries. Iran-Contra here we come. Ollie North? No way. Not by himself. I apoligize, you haven't been introduced to any players yet. Ronald Reagan, the only person I ever heard of who allegedly has alzheimers who "celebrated" a 92nd birthday is a player. Dick Cheney, yep, still playing. Donald Rumsfeld who just has to keep throwing those dice. Craps! Arial Sharon and Benny Boy Netanyahu (alias Mr. Kelly).

Come on. How did those last two guys get in the game? Well apparently the american people via congress shot down the Reagan administration's request for arms for certain Central american friends. Could it possibly be a different Arial Sharon that brokered the Arms deal in Honduras for the good ol' boys. Not the same Arial Sharon that describes himself as a "Non Religious Jew" Is that like a non-Catholic Catholic? Where did this first generation Russian Israeli come from?

Bennie Boy now had a cushy job. A Mossad spy on the Irish American community and its organizations as a Mr. Kelly had to be fun. Not dangerous either. Is this the same Mossad founded by former Israeli President Herzog? Is this the same Mr. Herzoz of IRA fame who supplied Michael Collins with good modern arms? Every world event has an Irish connection.

What do these guys have to do with Iraq? Ah Ha! When the US players could not bomb Iraq and were afraid of Ari the non religious Jew and Bennie Kelly (come on) getting their hands on Oil, they changed the rules. W, Dickey, Rummy and boys/girl said OK you get one free move. You can bomb the reactor, but, you can't use your nuclear bomb, (yet).

Sad Sadam, said, I wish I had the weapons to fight these guys. You can fool some of the guys some of the time card was pulled. Lets fool Sadam into attacking Kuwait. What a dummy. He fell for it. We can't let Ari the NRJ and Kelly attack because we know about these guys and land. They never want to give it back. Besides they will up the price of oil. We did business with these guys before.

Lets win this game and get the land AND OIL for ourselves. Then Ari NRJ and Kelly would have to buy it off U.S. Are we smart or what? What about the poor people, single mothers with children, the poverty stricken elderly? If we don't take good enough care of them in our own country, what the heck do we care about foreigners? We care about some foreigners. Don't forget Lady, (don't make me laugh) Margaret Thatcher was our very best British friend. Now we're stuck with Tony Blair.

What game can we play tomorrow? We haven't played Korea in a while. How about Screw the Irish? Thats our oldest and most popular game. We don't have Maggie Thatcher. She was the best player ever at that game. Tony Blair ain't as bad. Slick Willie Clinton had Blair's ear much too long. Screw the Irish, it is.



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