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Inductive or Deductive?

Marty Egan

TJ O Conchuir says Bush doesn't represent the American people, than says anti-Americanism protests are OK. True Bush doesn't represent all the American people,
but, he does represent some. Almost half voted for him. Americanism is the Constitution and Bill of rights. Protesting against the Republican party's agenda is OK. Saying America is wrong is absurd.


At least half of America showed, by their democratic vote, that they didn't want a Bush Administration. The average American is not an Imperialist. Many who voted for Bush and Republican agendas are against the war in Iraq. Support for American military personnel is not the same as support for war. The Bush team has not (yet) been able to fully suppress protest and first amendment rights. That is what makes America great.

Their right to try and our right to fight them should never be abolished. The rights to try for Nationalism and Unionism should never be abolished in Ireland. More pragmatic peaceful demonstrations should be encouraged.

TJ asks for evidence on my 99% wrong belief. Simply watch the St. Patrick's day parade and the support for it. Watch the growing number of parades being added each year across the United States. True, far to many participants are "one day a year Irish" but their spirit is evident. To say even a large number of them support a separate North of Ireland is not evident. Most Irish Americans, simply, do not understand N. Irish Politics. Even the people of the republic have a hard time with it.


I belong to quite a few Irish American organizations with thousands of members. Never once, did I ever hear anyone speak in support of a separate North of Ireland. There are probably people who do. They, however, are certainly not measured in the thousands. The only proof I read, supporting this doctrine, was "I talked to some people".

If anyone wants true proof, come to an AOH convention. Speak to parade committee's across America. It's not hard to find. Go to Irish festivals and cultural events. I doubt, that, you will find many supporters. A trick may be to ask loaded questions. This may get you an answer in the affirmative, but, not an accurate one.

Adams and McGuiness meeting with Bush is the only way they can talk directly to him. This is not fraternization but good leadership and political savy.Better to look your advisory in the eye than to write. More was accomplished by their meetings. True, much more has to be done, but, to stop trying is defeatist.

Would T J rather we pitch tents for Gerry and Michael. When they came here, to visit, they stayed in local motels and private homes. None was elaborate. Gerry Adams at his last visit stayed in an inexpensive motel and attended Sunday mass at the closest local church, St. Joseph's. Staying at expensive hotels in New York supplied by donors, saved them the money they would have spent on less expensive ones.

T J preaches consensus and consent in the North. True words were never written, but, you cant' have your consensus and consent without seats in parliament. The political process has to come first, then only by the democratic process T J says is not sought after, can agendas be won and progress made.


Yes, there will be setbacks. Only in a democratic society where Unionists have equal rights with Nationalists can a march forward began.


I believe T J wrong in what history argues. We Irish in America were instrumental in starting Labor Unions in the Pennsylvania Coal Fields. We moved in politics until we got John F Kennedy elected president. Based on early Unionism we were a major factor in creating the largest and best middle class living standards in the world.This was stated by Tip O'Neill another Irish American success story.


All I can say to T J is, its harder to pick a hanging victim out of a united crowd than the isolated wayfarer and wanderer. First support Sinn Fein in the North. Later, after success, or failure, for that matter, travel your own road. You will find it paved and protected. Why Sinn Fein? It is the party with the best chance in the North.






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