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O'Duffy? NO. Collins? Yes.
Marty Egan • 25 November 2003

The Raymond Blaney interview is interesting and revealing. All the rethoric and
patronizing considered, Raymond is resentful. What Raymond resents is the success of Gerry Adams. By comparing Adams to General O'Duffy one can see the Blaney Blarney. The Green Party is the place where Raymond can aspire to his fantasy of being a respected Irish leader like Adams is.


O'Duffy wished for a facist state based on Franco's Spain or Mussolini's Italy. Adams seeks a Democratic Republic. Gerry Adams is most like Michael Collins, in that he wants a United Ireland, but, takes things little by little. Sinn Fein like any growing thing, learns by its mistakes and victories. Collins made concessions and so does Adams.


The PIRA, shed its socialist dominated cloak which alienated most Irish American's
as too close to communism. NORAID and other Irish American organizations soon jumped on the bandwagon. Although not the IRA of 1918, the PROVOS look closer than the ideas and writings of Bernadette Devlin which turned off Irish America. Communism is a curse word in the United States.


Now that a cease fire is at hand, Sinn Fein can concentrate on the more pragmatic political intrigue that involves all parties. O'Duffy favored armed conflict and rumours of Collins backing him are not substantiated. DeValera, firing O'Duffy, sends another message. Adams favours a peaceful settlement with equal rights for all.


Raymond Blaney makes some good points, has a fine mind, and is mostly on track.
Blaming the PIRA for unionist shortcomings and resenting Adams is his shortcoming.
Blaney wishes the Irish people will recognize him for his genius and put him on a
pedestal. What Blaney doesn't realize is, all us Irish are genius. The trouble is, many of us think, we are the greatest genius. Good luck Raymond, in your political future.




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