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One Move at at Time
Marty Egan

I read a checker game into socialist and human rights concerns by blanket contributors.


Every king wants to jump numerous times. Bad concepts, some which may be British intelligence inspired, create an analysis that concludes defeat by failing to give a hundred percentage to a pragmatic potential for success.

Concepts like not voting, not getting people registered. Protest votes, other national parties at the present, and anything else that would deter Sinn Fein from getting as much political power as possible is a setback and counter productive to what should be primary.

Only after an election with a nationalist majority and a union with the Republic can the concepts of disagreement and socialism be argued at the polling places. Sinn Fein itself should not really be alone. It may well be that in a United Ireland, Sinn Fein could become a secondary party being a majority in the North. That would not be bad in that all parties would have to appeal to the electorate for success.

Any vote now for anything but Sinn Fein is a wasted vote. It is a vote Downing St. is looking for.

In his article about Belfast and the world Anthony McIntyre has his king and jumping the gun. Belfast is still British. One has to get the house off the landlord, fix it up and pay it off before one can help the neighbors. This doesn't mean you can't send a cake next door.


It does mean that time on secondary concerns takes away from time which could be used to gain another thousand votes for Sinn Fein.

Tom Luby and Liam O'Comain have good ideas, but, they should be reserved for a later time. Liam writes about dialog between groups. Good idea if it means, we will take on these issues AFTER we are in office and our potential sought after. Negative concepts are just opinions. Positive ideas of nationhood have merit. No one is certain of any outcome.

Instilling hope for success is far better, at this point in time, than negativity. The socialist goal is really a masked idea of moving the poor and working class to a middle class life style as the norm. Condemning capitalism doesn't paint the picture that only greedy and dishonest corporate managers are the problem and not the system itself. Reforms such as limits of compensation and more loyal concern for stockholders are what are paramount.

There will always be some poor and disenfranchised. The goal should be to greatly diminish the numbers and then be better able to deal with less of a problem. What will develop is a democratic state with social justice allowing every citizen to a potential protected by strictly enforced laws and regulations.

Sinn Fein is on a roll. Keeping the wheel greased and oiled will help it roll smoother and faster. The concept of getting out the vote for Bobby Sands is proof that Sinn Fein can win bigger in the future. With concentrated voter registration and voting incentives the dream of Irish unity can be achieved. Other ideas are important. They may be better served by waiting than thrown in the pot. One move at a time. Eventually you will get a king or more important, get rid of a King.





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