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Irish Patriots and American Patriots
Marty Egan • May 2, 2003

There is a distinct difference between the average Irish American and Irish native. Irish Americans, mostly, love The USA and Ireland. Most would admit to wishing for dual citizenship. The line between is that most Irish Americans would never give up their American citizenship for any other.


The anti war movement in Ireland, supported by Gerry Adams etc. is not well

received by the Irish American majority. Most of the Irish in the Boston to Washington corridor are Democrats. They vastly support their government and president, even though disagreeing with Republican politics. Republicanism in the USA is just the opposite of Irish Republicanism.


We disagree with Gerry on this one and with anti-war and American ideas.


We already defeated the British and have our country. That is why we support a future "Republic of all Ireland." However, Irish America will still die for the USA in battle, to preserve what we have after kicking the British out over 200 years ago. An American patriot once said. "This country, right or wrong, but, this country."







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