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The truth is rarely pleasurable

Malcolm G. Ratcliffe


Re: Unfortunate pleasure, The Blanket, Jan 9th. For the record, Mr O' Naraigh, I am not an Irish republican, a nationalist, yes. Reading the truth is never pleasurable. Watching innocent civilians lose their lives is not pleasurable; not in Ireland, not in Israel, not in Palestine, not in Iraq, not in Afghanistan and not in downtown New York.

Mr O' Naraigh should read the letter Shades of Grey, by Tara Lin, that to me sounds like an American waking up, unafraid to look past the rhetoric and question her governments actions, world-wide.

Americans dying in 'terrorist' attacks on American soil is a direct result of failed foreign policy, buoyed by complacency on behalf of the American electorate. I would never cheer, as Mr O' Naraigh suggests, at the loss of innocent civilians, but I will scream 'bloody murder' at the politicians whose actions bring such casualties.

Accumulating evidence suggests that members of the American security forces and high level government officials knew of the impending danger (crashing planes into building), and had known for some time. The fact that they choose commerce over public safety tells all about who does and does not care about the loss of innocent civilian lives.

P.S. I put terrorist in quotation marks, being Irish and having lived through and survived several close calls, I know, one man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter. What set Irish freedom fighters apart from many other 'terrorists', was a deliberate consistency to give prior warnings to impending attacks. That doesn't excuse the loss of innocent lives, but neither does sending armed Paratroopers to monitor a Peace March.





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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
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