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Malcolm G Ratcliffe • March 2003


Iran, through the international court system, is suing the USA for selling Weapons of Mass Destruction components and technologies to Iraq. Now that's "news". If enough countries jump on board, who knows, can you say "Class Action", oh, that's so American, eh. But really, when you boil it down, what really scares you most; the 'country' that makes and sells the WMDs or the 'countries' that buy them?

In fact, there are towns in the USA where American citizens are far more afraid of bio/chemical weapons stored by the US government, than those in Iraq. They even live with alarm systems and gas masks. Out of curiosity, what is the US saving them for? They are useless without favourable wind conditions, and have a half life of several hours or days at best, unlike depleted Uranium dust, which has a half life of.......250 million years.




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