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Regarding Authentic Americans
Malcolm G. Ratcliffe • 21 November 2003

To the editor,

Authentic Americans? Weren't they buffalo huntin', teepee livin' nomads, who were all but wiped out by......authentic Americans? Sorry, wrong movie. Face it, there is absolutely nothing authentic about 'Americans'. Now if Toni's talking about AmeriKKKn's, well now, that story isn't confined to Latin or South America. All in the name of spreadin' de-mock-racy, Amuricun style, that's the ticket, get your picture on the MTV.

Fancy that eh, here I was thinking I'm one of the few people who get it, and Toni Solo comes up with this gem. Good on you mate. Too bad it'll be wasted on the morons who need the education.

I remember when I was in Germany. Peaceful times, 1977. On any given day, when our convoy would pass through a little town, old men and women, housewives, little children, all waved, smiled, and blew kisses. One day, several towns that we passed through were like deserted ghost towns. I asked my NCO what was up with that. "Yanks," was his reply. Apparently they had passed through the towns just before us. Their reputation, precedes them. Nuff said.







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