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Kriste Kline • 3 Ocotber 2004

Perhaps Mr Hurley could stick to a fact or two? For instance, John Kerry's decorations were earned during the four months of his second tour of duty in Viet Nam. Pesky little details I know. Or try this one..........not one of the Swift Boat Shills actually served with John Kerry. Oddly enough, those who did have nothing but praise for him. Here's another pesky little fact; in his Senate testimony, John Kerry was quoting what other veterans said about committing atrocities. If Mr Hurley spent some time reading the transcript (all 32 pages) of that testimony it would no doubt surprise him. But then, he's a Republican and probably doesn't like to bother with facts and the truth.

Kriste Kline
Registered Democrat, too busy working to have the luxury of being a political activist








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