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Free Théologos Psaradellis

Michael Löwy, Catherine Samary, Elénie Varikas • 14/11/2002


Théologos Psaradellis, former resistant against the military dictatorship and former member of OKDE section of FI-USEC is behind bars. He is accused of being a member 17-N which he refutes since he doesn't even share it's nationalistic ideology. Nevertheless he recognized his participation in a hold-up (that did not have any victim) with another person who died since in a car accident. Today the police attribute this hold-up to the 17-N.

He wanted to finance the publication of the writing of Pandelis Pouliopolos. He was arrested the first time in 1969. He escaped from prison. The Bulgarian authorities handed him back to the Greek ones. He escaped a second time and reached a frence. In 1974 he is back and active in OKDE till 1979 when the split occures. The 1986 robberry is not judiciable anymore but the authorities insist in considering him part of 17-N and accuse him of participating in assassinations. Like him Yannis Sérifis a known trade-unionist is incarcerated and accused of the same crime (17-N) despite the fact that in 1970 he faced the same accusation and was cleared.



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