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Steak Knife Outing Timed to Hurt Sinn Fein in Elections

Mike Murphy • 24 May 2003


Ratting out a rat can happen anytime, so what was the real reason for Steak Knife being exposed now? If the elections had been held as scheduled this would be front page news everyday up to the elections, and the only question at every campaign press conference. It appears to have been set in motion two weeks before the elections were postponed, and once rolling, there was no stopping it. However the elections were pushed back, so it missed its target, with little political damage done. It just goes to show they fear the ballot box more than anything.

A more insidious device remains ticking. If even some of the Brit press that claim to have known the identity of Steak Knife for several years are telling the truth, then security had to know as well, and how far up does that go, for who exactly has Steak Knife been blackmailing to survive?







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