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Against IDF Murder

Margaret Quinn


Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to protest at the U.N's lack of action in occupied Palestine, and to demand the immediate dispatch of an International Peace-keeping Force to the region.

The IDF's disgraceful and unacceptable behavior culminated in the death yesterday of Iain Hook, from Felixstowe, England, and the wounding of Caoimhe Butterley, from Ireland, in Jenin Refugee Camp.

Mr Hook [RIP] was a Senior Manager of UNWRA, and Ms Butterly is an "International" - one of those brave volunteers, from many different countries, including Israel - who risk life and limb in going to Palestine to do what a UN Peace-keeping Force should be doing - alleviating the suffering of Palestinians.

Since September 2000: 2,032 Palestinians have been killed, and around 20,000 Palestinians injured. A very high percentage has been children.

In addition, a further 500 Palestinians, including children, have died due to IDF blocking of medical access.

Surely the time has come for the UN to fulfill its obligations by dispatching an International Peace-keeping Force to the region forthwith.



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