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Malcolm Ratcliffe


Re: 'The shadow before The Don'. Like or hate Gerry Adams, he has been pivotal in securing what can be at best described as a tenuous peace, that many ordinary folks in N. Ireland have enjoyed, if one can say that, over the past five years now. Would those who wear blinders, prefer a return to the days of old?

Billy Mitchell, 'Crucified,' The Blanket, Nov 3rd smacks the ball out of the park. It will take a monumental paradigm shift in thinking for the working class folk on both sides of the divide in N. Ireland to realize they have been pawns in a sleazy game of politics played out at the expense of many human lives; Irish lives.

Malcolm G. Ratcliffe

PS. I see the 'Big Lad' is in Ottawa, if you ever bump into him, tell him if he ever gets to the 'Peg,' to look me up, I'm in the phone book. I'll take him to see a play by Winnipeg's Tara Players and have a pint of awful Guinness. Maybe he could bring a 'poverty pack' of the real stuff with him, I can almost taste it. I guess I've been away too long.

Poverty Pack: Six beer in a box. Poor folk can nary afford to treat themselves to a full dozen.



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